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A Customizable Financial Services Platform for Latin America & The Caribbean 

Introducing LAM's App As A Service

LAM Holdings Inc. provides customizable white-label prepaid cards to Latin America's businesses to help reach corporate needs and financial goals. 

Reloadable virtual and physical prepaid cards allow businesses to establish markup fees and profit from every transaction and subscription made with their branded cards online or in-store. 

LAM Holdings Inc. API and complete App design and management allow enterprises to efficiently issue, distribute, and manage Apple Pay and Google Pay friendly virtual and physical cards from major global card brands without the need for a license.


Easy set-up

No prior experience or knowledge of running a prepaid card program is required. Applications and cards can be customized with your logo and design, giving them the look and feel of your company or brand. This gives you a unique, fully-branded solution.



Safe and convenient, our white label solution is a great alternative to cash and credit. Prepaid travel money cards let your users manage & shop with ease and security at home and abroad while earning increased revenue for the distributing entity. 


Card Data

Program owners have access to cardholder data, allowing you to analyse and break down spending by merchant class for marketing purposes, track spending with partners and identify cardholder trends.

Global white label


Get maximum benefits from the prepaid cards with multi-currency capabilities and auto-conversion at the moment of transaction. The FX rates that take place can be set by the entity offering the product to generate additional revenue streams.

Issue Branded Cards Across The Biggest Markets Around the World.

The world has shifted to card networks to help manage global funds disbursement for expenses, payments, loyalty rewards, and more. LAM Holdings Inc. can be your partner that can build your card network and applications for deployment throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 

  • White Label Applications built-in weeks 

  • Complete card management while the distributing entity owns their code stack 

  • Issue virtual or physical cards in markets across all of Latin America and the Caribbean 

  • Issued cards are available for use immediately

  • Users can manage cards, spend limits, and more, all in one dashboard

  • Access to Carnet, Visa networks, and AMEX 

Central America, South America, and Caribbean Countries Facilitated 

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador,   Bolivia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Belize, Bahamas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda,  Dominica, & Saint Kitts & Nevis    



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Carnet, Visa, & AMEX programs avaiable 

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Fully Responsive

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KYC & AML and digital identity management

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BIN Sponsorship or Sub Bin Profiles

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Platforms are all Compliant with local regulations

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85 Global Currencies Supported

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Application Finalized Inside Weeks

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API integration into Paxful, CoinBase, CoinGate, Kraken, and others

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Multi-languages – 20+

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Considerable secondary revenue generator 

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Crypto wallets and crptyo to fiat programs avaiable 

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Gift Card, Debit Card, Payroll Card, Neo-Bank Solution, Transit Card

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Code stack belongs to our clients

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Fintech is Hard. We Make it Easy and Affordable.

There are dozens of contracts, integrations, and workflows needed to offer your own financial solutions. LAM Holdings Inc. has decades of experience and has done the hard work for you, saving you over 80% of the cost and time! Explore what the LAM white-label platforms deliver.

white label API

White-label API

Flexible WhiteLabel solution for turnkey launch of branded credit cards especially for your business which guarantees a fast time-to-market through simplified integration.

prepaid visa card

Admin Controls

LAM''s Card Admin component allows our customers to control the permissions, funding and invatations for card issuance. Our clients completely customize their admin experience with our tech team to ensure it fits their business model.

White-Label Integration

White-Label Integration

If you have an existing website or mobile app and are tech-savvy, you can embed our beautiful Web Components and Mobile WebViews. Change colors, fonts, and logos, along with dozens of other configurations to match your existing design.

prepaid rewards

Custom Rewards

LAM allows you to offer your own custom card rewards program. Disburse rewards monthly, quarterly, or yearly, directly from your LAM Admin portal. You can control rewards based on several key criteria points.

prepaid white label service

Physical & Virtual Cards

Issue branded physical, virtual, and tokenized debit cards, with our configurable and embeddable no-code apps. No lockups, minimums, or setup fees. Plus, earn up to 5% in cash back on every transaction!

aml & kyc


Compliance with all regulations and directives affecting your business. Full compliance with KYC and AML requirements including local governments requirements around the globe.








LAM manages the legal, compliance, support, and monthly servicing our card programs, with components for onboarding, funding, and controls, making debit card issuance easy to add for any business.

white label revenue

Revenue Sharing 

LAM's partners provide up to 90% on all transactions! Share this revenue with users in the form of cash back/rewards, or keep for profits.

prepaid card top up

Global Cash Top Ups

Consumers can top up cards at 300+ global retailers, including large national brands online and in-person.

program management

Full Program Management

All partnerships at the issuing banks, client services, card network, and wallets are in place to create a seamless experience. Completely hands-off for our clients. 

white label setup

Quick Setup 

Creating a compete card program and application typically takes 9+ months. With LAM, get up and running in just a few weeks and you'll own the source code.

white label savings

Massive Cost Savings

Our clients pick their fee schedules based on location, features, chooses processors, exchanges, and a host of other features. The cost of the build and setup is completely up to our clients with no long-term commitmen

white label cards

Tokenized Cards 

Our global partners have pre-approved tokenization for Apple, Google, and Samsung wallets, for both physical and virtual cards.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to corporate payments. Every locality differs in one respect or many, with small financial businesses to suit community demand.


Military Grade


visa card prepaid

Admin Portal

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Compliance &


mastercard prepaid'



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“The continuing shift to digital financial services paves the way to significant opportunities for new and growing organizations. One of those is with white label prepaid cards. By showcasing their brand on a prepaid Mastercard or Visa card, these organizations can establish stronger relationships with customers, employees, and the general public, resulting in steady financial returns. At the same time, they are providing individuals with alternative banking options, which has far-reaching positive effects.”

Steven Foster - Chairman

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